Jetpack Platformer Shooter 3D/2.5D

A playable and easy to use template to create jetpack platformer shooter game. It provides player movement, enemy AI, random enemy spawn, easy to customize enemy spawn locations, health system with health-bar, kill count, customizable background and UI, 360 degree aim with smooth rotation for player and option to confine the player within screen bounds. A package to build upon and create your unique jetpack style 3D/2.5D shooter experience.


- 360 degree aim and smooth control for player

- Enemy AI

- Expandable random enemy spawn

- Edit enemy death action that is split in two parts

- Customizable UI and a restart screen on player's elimination

- Health pickups and health bar

- Option to toggle Confine Player Within Screen Bounds

- Optimized 3D model (5k triangles and merged meshes to optimize draw calls)

- Control are mobile friendly and easy to setup for mobile using the free Joystick asset

- Well commented and documented